Fatima al Farrad (54)


Age: 52


The marriage to Fatima was arranged for the young Suleman by his grandfather, as one of the last decisions of his life. Born into an ancient and extremely well-connected family in Bardia, famously intelligent and superbly educated, the 21 year old Fatima made an impressive bride to the young prince, who was only 14 at the time.

Despite the age difference, their union flourished and endures to this day: Fatima remains her husband’s most trusted advisor and confidante. Despite the attitudes of the Faith towards the role of women in a marriage, Fatima still enjoys more freedoms and privileges than any of Emir’s wives, accompanying him even to some council meetings, and sometimes even to excursions through the city.

In her youth she was said to have been extremely beautiful, that beauty has not endured the test of time, leaving Fatima somewhat heavyset, with a jowly, yellowed face. Her matronly appearance belies a sharp wit and a keen eye.

Fatima is an avid patron of the arts — her collection of intricate tapestries and jewelry, purchased even through the confines of the Harem is as extensive as it is tasteful.

After giving birth to four girls, Fatima was finally blessed with three sons, successors to the throne: twins Ahmed and Ahbed (14) and young Mansur (12).

Fatima al Farrad (54)

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